Art for just entertainment

Fine art is there to just be looked at and enjoyed for what it is, it doesn’t have to serve a purpose other than making people happy. This art can include music, film, poetry, dance, and drawing. If something is being created just to bring enjoyment to people, then it’s fine art.

Functional art is designed with a purpose in mind, such as pottery or dishware. They might be beautiful, but also are designed to be handled, used, and admired through their usage rather than just for their emotional effect.

Two different art groups, right? Well, like several other things, they work better together. Artwork is an ever-evolving entity, that’s what makes it so fun to do.

Many artists are combining the two under the banner of functional fine art. Basically, something can look good and still serve a purpose. This turns mundane items such as lamps, books, and tools into things of beauty that will make you smile every time you use them.

Fashion is an example of fine art, especially with runway shows, because while the designers pour their hearts into their artwork the clothes are all meant to be worn. You don’t ever buy a piece of clothing and then not wear it at least a few times.

Money is another example, where money looks great and is designed by someone. If you look close enough at a dollar bill, then you’ll see some art, but you won’t put every piece of paper money on a pedestal. It needs to be used for purchasing and trading.

functional fine art

Functional fine art proves that most people have stopped considering them two separate styles of art. The mundane can be beautiful, and the world is starting to realize that. While everything might not be artwork, most objects can be.